Ultimate 3 in 1 Package Lite (Chia, Swarm, Filecoin)


  • This package allows you to mine three kinds tokens (XCH, BZZ, and IPFS) at one price at the same time! Triple your daily outputs!
  • IDC Fee (electricity, hardware & server maintenance): $60/month
  • Lease term: 3 years
  • Fulfilment Time: 3 business days
  • Service Fee: 20%


  • Expected daily revenue: 0.023 XCH + 0.01 IPFS + 0.05 BZZ based on whole network space storage and difficulty.


  • How does it work?
    • This package includes 100T Chia hashrate. Aside from that, you can mine two extra tokens at the same time, as the package also inclues 1TB IPFS hashrate, and 1 node BZZ hashrate.
    • Please provide your three wallet addresses according to the tokens in the note upon checkout.



Manual of Product:

1. Chia was established in August 2017 to develop an improved blockchain and intelligent trading platform. We are building the Chia network to enhance the global financial and payment system. Chia will be an enterprise-level digital currency. Chia is using the first new blockchain consensus algorithm since the birth of Bitcoin. It is called “Proof of Space and Time”, and it was created by Bram Cohen, the inventor of BitTorrent and the best network protocol engineer. Chialisp is Chia’s new intelligent transaction programming language that is robust, safe, and easy to audit. The currently available reference smart transactions include atomic swaps, authorized payees, recoverable wallets, multi-signature wallets, and price-limited wallets.

2. Chia Network is a decentralized open-source global blockchain. Compared with traditional proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, Chia Network has a higher degree of energy saving, a higher degree of decentralization and security.

3. Chia uses the free disk space on the hard disk to run proof of space and can use cheap and redundant unused hard disk storage space to verify its blockchain.


Description of Income Settlement and Expense:

1. The mining income is based on the daily average income announced by hpool.com and is automatically transferred to the user’s wallet balance by T+1.

2. It takes 3 days to launch and 3 days to reach full deposit after launch. The income will be fully released non-linearly after deducting the daily management fee when the full deposit status is satisfied. There is no staking in advance and post staking. There is no gas fee. The total storage rate is 88% of the storage space.

3. The service fee is 20%, including the custody fee, bandwidth fee, operation, and mining pool system usage fees during the service period.

4. If Chia official adjusts the algorithm and settlement, we will follow the official rules.


Mining machine property rights

1. After the lease term expires for 3 years, the property rights of the mining machine belong to the user.


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