Chia Mining Pay per use package(Minimum 10TB)

(4 customer reviews)




  • 24h mining rewards: 0.0003 XCH/Tib
  • $6/TB per month. Mine anytime, stop anytime
  • Receive 10% off when you subscribe for 12 months
  • No maintenance fee involved
  • Start mining within 24 hr after confirmation
  • Plotting fee included
  • Service fee: 15%
  • Minimum 10TB
  • Please provide your Chia wallet address upon checkout.
  • You will receive Chia token from mining in your Chia wallet UTC+8.

4 reviews for Chia Mining Pay per use package(Minimum 10TB)

  1. kyawthet

    I start

  2. va8200974

    good product

  3. leeelegodsend

    Im so happy to one and I love it

  4. oyimmark017

    I’m so happy

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