Antminer S19(720days) Bitcoin Mining Rental


Est Daily Revenue: 0.00083125 BTC/units

Maintenance Fee: 15%

Launch Time: 3 days

Power: 3.5 kw/h x 1 units

Electricity Cost: 0.077 $/kw x 2.4kw x 30 (one month of electricity fee will be charged for deposit)

Hashrate: 95 TH/s x 1 units

Lease Term: 720 days


1.About Antminer S19

Antminer S19 new high performance miner (95th / s ± 3%), power consumption (3250 ± 5%).

2. Calculation unit

The calculation force of S19 of each ant miner is 95th / s.

3. Electricity cost

The original electricity fee  is 0.07USD /Kwh(prepaid monthly).

4. Service charge

Collect 15% of the mining output as a management fee (including mine maintenance, mining machine online, mining machine deployment, mining machine maintenance risks, etc.)

5. Calculation power income

Refer to the poolin ore pool for the mining revenue of mining machine:

6. Income settlement

The estimated income is calculated from the actual operation of the digital asset network and will change dynamically for reference only; the actual income from mining is the income from digital assets after deducting the service charge of the mining pool, and the service charge collection standard of the mining pool is for reference: The mining revenue is recorded every minute, and the daily settlement of yesterday’s mining is at 16:00 Beijing time Mine income is distributed by day (24h). Only when the revenue reaches the amount specified by the platform can it be withdrawn.

7. Miner redemption

In order to ensure the mining efficiency, all the mining machines run in the high standard machine room and do not provide the function of ore pool selection; BTC mining machine has been leased for three years at a time and enjoys the mining machine property rights; if the mining machine has been leased for less than 360 days, the property rights will not be sent. If GPU mining machine has a total lease term of 4 years, the property right of the mining machine will be presented; if GPU mining machine has a lease term of less than 4 years, the property right will not be provided. For non BTC and GPU mineral machinery leasing in other currencies with a cumulative lease term of 3 years, the property right of the mineral machinery will be presented; for those less than 3 years, there will be no property right. The mineral machinery property right shall be applied for within 30 days after the expiration of the lease term, and those not applied for shall be deemed to have waived the property right. The miner applying for picking up will be delivered from the global mine after the lease expires, and the international / domestic logistics fee will be borne by the user. Declaration: the shelf life of the physical miner is 180 days, and it has passed the warranty when it is removed from the shelf. (statement: 1. Only the mining machine property right will be given to the order after June 15, 2020; 2. All the mining machines will not be guaranteed to be consistent with the model of the order, and the comprehensive theoretical calculation value will not be lower than the calculation value of the order)

8. Termination of contract

If the customer fails to pay the electricity fee on schedule, the contract will be frozen. If the freezing period exceeds 5 days, the contract will be terminated. The contract will automatically terminate upon expiration.

9. Purchase instructions

Before placing an order, please understand the product carefully. If you are unclear, you can consult customer service. Once the order is placed, it means that the product has been approved and there is no refund.

10. Risk tips

The price of digital assets often fluctuates greatly, and the mining difficulty of each currency will be adjusted regularly. A fall in the currency price or a rise in the difficulty will result in a decrease in the yield per miner. Users need to carefully assess their risk tolerance and invest in digital asset mining within acceptable risk control.

The platform reserves the right of final interpretation for the terms of this contract.


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