8 Cards 3070 Graphics Server (720 days) ETH Mining Rental


Est Daily Revenue: 0.01599360 ETH/units

Maintenance Fee: 15%

Launch Time: 3 Days

Power: 1.4 kw/h x 1 units

Electricity Cost: 0.091 USD/kwh x 24 x 30 (one month of electricity fee will be charged for deposit)

Lease Term: 720 days


Hashrate: 480 MH/s x 1 units



1. About 8 Cards 3070 Graphics Server

8 Cards 3070 Graphics Server power consumption (1300W ± 20%), single card memory 6G.

2. Hashrate unit

The8 Cards 3070 Graphics Server is 480MH / s.

3. Electricity cost

The original electricity fee  is 0.09USD /Kwh(prepaid monthly).

4.Service Charge

Collect 15% of mining output as maintenance fee which includes: mine maintenance and labor costs, substation construction costs, dual-line power supply expansion costs.

5.Mining income

Mining machine mining income can refer to: https://www.poolin.com/

6.Revenue settlement

The estimated income is calculated by the actual operation of the digital asset network, and will change dynamically for reference only. The actual mining income is the digital asset income after deduction of 3% of the mining pool handling fee; The mining revenue of yesterday is settled at 16:00 Beijing time every day, and paid out every day (24h). The income can only be withdrawn after reaching the amount specified by the platform.

7.Redemption of miners

In order to ensure the mining efficiency, does not provide the mining pool selection function.The 720-day mining rental product does not have the ownership of the machine.

8.Termination of contract

If the customer fails to pay the electricity bill on time, the contract is frozen, the freezing period is more than 5 days, and the contract is terminated. The expiration of the contract is automatically terminated, and the 720-day mining rental product does not have the ownership of the mining machine.

9.Purchase instructions

Before you place an order, please carefully understand the product. If you are not sure, you can contact customer service. Once the order is placed, it indicates that the product has been approved and no refund will be given.


The price of digital currency often fluctuates greatly, and the difficulty of mining in each currency is adjusted regularly. A drop in the price of the currency or an increase in difficulty will result in a lower return on each mining contract. Whether in terms of digital currency or legal currency, this mining contract does not guarantee that users can return to the book. Users need to carefully assess their risk tolerance and invest in digital currency mining within acceptable risk limits.

This platform reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms of this contract.


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