Chia 1.0 Mainnet

Today we release version 1.0 of the Chia Blockchain. You can go ahead and install it for Windows and MacOS with lots of other platforms supported too. You can continue plotting in 1.0 and otherwise prepare your farm while we wait for mainnet to start. The genesis challenge will be distributed using our green flag process at 7AM PDT (14:00 UTC) on […]

Chia Mainnet Update – March 15

We want to give you an update on mainnet timing and our general plans around the launch. First, as I write this, GitHub Actions is down hard so these plans already have a potential snag to them and are our current best estimate. We want the Chia blockchain to be right and not necessarily right now. With […]

Farming and Electricity Usage in Chia

Come join a cocktail hour panel Friday March 5 and learn about the most efficient way to farm large quantities of plotted storage and talk about the impact Chia might have in terms of total electrical capacity used to support all Chia farms. 🌱 Joining Bram and Gene will be @xorinox, @storage_jm, and @farming101. We will be […]

The Chia Business Whitepaper

Yesterday evening we released the first version of our Business Whitepaper. The goal of this document was to go into depth on the transformative impact that programmable digital money is going to have in finance, wealth, safety, digital security, and ultimately the entire concept of trust. Update 2/12/21 – There are now replays of our two […]